Our mission is to bring our community together with a focus on good nutrition and living a healthy, active lifestyle.
About Us
Royal Nutrition is a Nutrition Club, otherwise known as a "wellness and nutrition center." We are a team of health and wellness coaches that are dedicated to helping people lose weight, gain lean muscle, or provide a healthy option to maintain weight.

With your $8.00 Membership, you'll receive a healthy and delicious smoothie, calorie-burning and energizing tea, and soothing shot of mango aloe. We offer FREE metabolism testing as well. Bring your appetite with you, because you'll be filled up when you leave and have energy to spare. 

We are able to personalize a program tailored to YOUR individual needs, determined by your metabolism test! In return, you will feel energized all day. In order to help you reach your personal goal, the program will include your own personal Wellness Coach.

So whether you want to protect your heart, lift your mood, ease aching joints, improve your immune system, reach that target weight or just feel better, you will find a health plan that is just right for you. 

Royal Nutrition is proud to partner with Herbalife International for all of their meal replacement smoothies. For over 35 years, Herbalife has paved a path to safe and natural weight control solutions as well as health and energy management. Herbalife's essential nutrition products help supply the nutrients needed daily to look and feel your absolute best.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!